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Christie’s 3.0 is an on-chain auction platform dedicated to exceptional NFT art. Whether you're new to NFTs or already a committed member of the community, discover and bid on exclusive drops, curated by Christie’s.
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Christie's 3.0

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30 Nov - 7 Dec
Next Wave: The Miami Edit

Next Wave: The Miami Edit

Christie’s 3.0 presents Next Wave: The Miami Edit, featuring NFT works by the next generation of digital artists. Coinciding with Art Basel Miami, the auction includes exceptional pieces by the likes of Luis Ponce and Cath Simard, with estimates starting from just 4–6 ETH.

28 Sep - 11 Oct
Diana Sinclair

Diana Sinclair: Phases

For our first auction, Christie’s 3.0 partners with 18-year-old visual artist Diana Sinclair. Browse and bid on nine new NFT works that explore the artist’s poignant relationship with time.

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