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To bid in Christie’s 3.0 auctions, first connect your wallet.

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For the best experience, connect from a desktop browser. You’ll need to install a browser extension such as MetaMask or Coinbase.

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You can create a new account or link your existing Christie’s account.

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You won’t be able to bid in Christie’s 3.0 auctions until you verify your identity.
Create an account to MINT in our next digital art COLLECTION

SOURCE [On NFTs] opens on 12 March. Our first on-chain generative art collection offers 400 unique works by the artist and pioneer in the crypto art and NFT space. 

If you haven’t done so yet, we recommend creating a Christie’s 3.0 account before 11 March so that you’re verified and ready to mint when the collection opens. You’ll only need to do this once to be able to participate in any future Christie’s 3.0 auctions. 

Simply connect your digital wallet and follow the instructions to create an account.
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