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To bid in Christie’s 3.0 auctions, first connect your wallet.

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For the best experience, connect from a desktop browser. You’ll need to install a browser extension such as MetaMask or Coinbase.

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You won’t be able to bid in Christie’s 3.0 auctions until you verify your identity.
Enter Christie's 3.0 virtual gallery to explore NFT art for sale and mix with fellow collectors.
You can access the gallery from a desktop computer straight away — there's no need to create an account or customise your avatar. If you're on a mobile, you'll be prompted to download the Spatial app first.
Use your arrow keys to move your avatar through the space, or click with your mouse to jump to another spot in the room.
Click and drag your mouse to rotate your perspective.
For a quick tour of all the NFT artworks on view in the gallery, press the play button at the bottom of the page.
First time using Christie’s 3.0?
Simply connect your digital wallet and follow the instructions to start participating in our digital art auctions and collections.
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