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Athrilling encounter between image-making and technology, Tyler Hobbs’ Fidenza represents a significant new chapter in the field of generative art.

Channelling inspiration from art history and nature into innovative computer code, this extraordinary collection of 999 NFTs propelled the artist to prominence in 2021. Named after a small town in Italy, the series marks his most versatile generative algorithm to date. It showcases his sophisticated exploration of flow fields: a technique that allows him to create organic, unpredictable curves. Designed not to overlap, these undulating patterns are subjected to variation in factors such as palette, scale, thickness, turbulence and density. By submitting to the generative power of his algorithm, Hobbs plays with the dialogue between chance and control, eloquently probing the relationship between human and machine in the digital age. Ranked 236 out of 999 in terms of rarity, the present work offers a spectacle of dense optical complexity, pulsing and flickering like light refracted through a prism.

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